Following a PPD article about ‘seeds’ in a Customer Focus mailing list receiving the new BPMA magazine, (The article was published in the recent PPD Magazine by Editor Aidan Goldstraw), the BPMA and Customer Focus have now made the joint statement below:

BPMA and Customer Focus Joint Statement

We are delighted to report that the issue of alleged improper data use has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion. Vicky Robinson, group managing director of Customer Focus commented “The whole situation has been extremely upsetting. We have had our differences of opinion with the BPMA lately but we still firmly believe in an industry association and all it can do to support the promotional product industry.

We are satisfied that the BPMA have conducted a proper investigation into the alleged use of our data by a BPMA employee and we are completely satisfied with the outcome. We look forward to putting this all behind us and moving forward.”

Matt Franks, BPMA chairman said “We have completed a full investigation of the claims and this issue has raised the awareness of a need for clarity and controls around data compliance and we will be using this information to help educate our members in due course. We are keen to improve internal processes and will have procedures in place to ensure that any data that is added to our mailing list is thoroughly checked and verified.

We continue to value Customer Focus and their role within the industry and look forward to a more positive working relationship between our organisations.”