When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? A decorated tree? Presents? Time with family? A dye-sublimated mug with a festive-themed house-shaped gift box printed in full-colour? If it’s the latter, Snap Products’ new range of Christmas themed packaging is perfect for you.

The Vienna mug can be presented in a cute colourful box that comes in three appealing designs, with four print areas for customer details to be added. The box is sent flat-packed and is easy to assemble.

For a techie Christmas gift, the Pulsar, Evo 2200 and Fusion power banks can be presented in full-colour packaging, available in three different festive themes. And there’s a generous 95.7mm x 49mm print area to add the customer’s logo. Each power bank package includes a USB charging cable and instruction manual, and the box is sent ready-assembled.

Or for connoisseurs of Christmas confection, Snap Products offers cracker-shaped packaging that can be filled with Skittles, Jelly Beans, Jelly Bears or Retro Sweet Mix. The box comes in three yuletide designs and is adorned with ribbons at either end. Customers can have their logo added to the 72mm x 25mm print area and will receive their packaging ready-assembled.

For more information, call the Snap Sales Elves on 01252 796860 or email sales@snapproducts.co.uk.