Crystal Galleries has today acquired the assets and customer list of Rowton Crystal who went into administration last week.

The move strengthens Crystal Galleries position as the UK’s leading supplier of glass and crystal gifts and awards to the promotional gift industry. It also comes at a time when the company has made significant investment to their facilities and technology to further improve the range of products and services that they can supply to their customers.

Jeremy Lowes, Managing Director at Crystal Galleries said, “Obviously no one likes to see a fellow business in trouble and we realised that the problems Rowton Crystal were facing would also impact on their customers. That is why we have stepped in so quickly to provide a stabilising solution.”

“By helping Rowton’s customers fulfil their outstanding orders we are also ensuring the ultimate end user continues to receive an excellent experience. This, in turn, helps to maintain and build the reputation of our industry as a whole. We also want to work with Rowton’s customer base going forward to ensure we are able to provide as much assistance as possible and offer a seamless solution.”

“Over the next week or two we will be contacting as many of Rowton’s customers as we can,” said Jeremy. “This is a great opportunity for us to find out how we can help these businesses and for them to shape the future offerings our company can provide.”

For any customer of Rowton Crystal who needs assistance getting an urgent order out now, you can contact the Crystal Galleries sales team on 01642 225799 or email them using You can also use these details to contact the company at any time if you want to discuss how they can help you going forward.