“On July 16th / 17th I will be participating in an ultra marathon over a distance of 100km (or 62.5m in old money). During this event I will be raising as much money as physically possible for Macmillan Nurses; a cause very close to my heart and that of my family. I applaud the work they do and the support they have offered my family in our darkest hours, and If I can repay a mere fraction of that, then that is no bad thing.

The event I am participating in is the “Race to the Stones”, which is a trek along the UK’s Oldest Pathway – please see here for the event website which details the route and the details re the event in general.

Training has started in earnest already and many miles have been clocked up in the pursuit of attaining fitness (believe me the 5am alarm on a Sunday is a challenge), and I am pleased with the progress made so far.

I am appreciative that you may get asked all the time to put your hand in for these things and I apologise in advance for being another one on the list, but I really would be grateful of any support you could offer.

I have set up a just giving page for this event and you can drop any donations in on this page.”