Contemporary Leather Private Ltd; the wholly owned subsidiary of UK based The Leather Business has been awarded SA 8000. This social accountability audit is widely regarded as the most stringent of all the audits and covers in depth all social and employment issues.

At the same time Contemporary has successfully achieved SEDEX Pillar 4 which covers environmental and business ethics.

Chairman John Thorp said: I am delighted for our Indian MD Sriram R., and his team who have worked tirelessly for 6 months to ensure our success.  Rather than just going for SEDEX we decided to take on the challenge of SA 8000 as well and the structure and disciplines that it has introduced will inevitably make us a better company in the future. The only way to drive out exploitation of labour and dire working conditions is for us to demand that we only work with audited companies. WE have to accept however that there is a cost to the audited operation not only for the actual audit but also for the measures that you inevitably have to introduce to reach the standard required.