With less than 1 month until Christmas, the demand for last minute print is getting higher and the lead times are getting shorter! But we don’t mind, The Big Display Company’s top priority still remains to help their customers sell more print. 

To help with this The Big Display Company have put together a 3 part gift, which include a new Christmas category on their website, a set of free Christmas vectors and last, but not least, their Festive Flipbook! 

The Christmas category on their site has all of their top sellers. These include banners and backdrops, freestanding Santas / Christmas trees, ‘elfie frames (our little pun!), usherette trays and more. All of the pictures are unbranded so customers can send them directly to the end user to get them into the festive spirit. All of their prices are hidden until the reseller registers online, or they can contact their account manager for login details.

Once the reseller is logged in, the Christmas vectors are downloadable directly from their website along with their Festive Flipbook.  The vectors are completely free to use and they  don’t need (or want!) credit for them. Customers can use them in digital or print designs with no limitations, so they can be for their own use (such as social media posts, or to make their own website a bit more festive!) or to enhance any designs they are creating for their end users.

The festive flipbook is the final component of the 3 part Christmas gift. Customers can view the online version of the plain label festive flipbook here, or login to download a PDF copy. It contains all of their Christmas bestsellers, and can be sent directly to end users either with the weblink or the downloadable PDF.