As we all look forward to Christmas and New Year with our families, it may be useful for you to know that in 2015, Chinese New Year is celebrated on the 19th February.

Although NG Badges are yet to hear of the specific dates that their supply partners will close, many factories will close for up to 2 weeks, starting around the 14th. Last dispatches of finished goods will therefore be around Thurs 12th or Fri 13th.

All factories will get busier and busier the closer it gets to CNY, as everybody pushes to have orders finished and shipped before their holiday. Additionally, space on cargo carrying aircraft also gets squeezed. Therefore, it would be as well to try and plan ahead, so clients wishing to place orders in early January, do so in the 1st week back after the UK holidays, or better still, this week! These holidays impact not only on NG Badges, but also on any other supplier you use who imports finished orders from the Far East.

NG Badges have calendars for all Chinese, Hong Kong and UK national holidays on their website in the Useful Information section, which we hope you do find useful!

NG Badges would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business in 2014 and wish you, your colleagues and families a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.