We all need to take our corporate responsibility to environmental protection seriously. Not just to adhere to our environmental policies, but because we should.

At Senator they don’t believe you have to compromise on great design to create a genuine biodegradable pen crafted from renewable sources. Its Challenger Eco and Nature Plus ranges are borne from the harmony of contemporary elegance, reliable functionality and sustainable promise.

Senator’s eco pens are manufactured from sustainable natural corn-starch which is biodegradable in compost environments. Its state-of-the art manufacturing and printing machinery is powered by the River Main in Germany, and not only that, they have achieved an extremely low carbon footprint by the time they arrive with the end user. At the end of their 8 year long life, Senator’s eco pens will safely return to the ecosystem.

Taking the responsible path of sustainability is an economic and environmental commitment that Senator has made to support the CRS policies of the brands their products represent. Its eco pens are designed to maximise the reliance on renewable energy in their manufacture and to ensure that at the end of their long lives they will not go to landfill. So, not only do they make brands memorable with their unique design and advanced refill technology, they are a physical representation of the environmental values and credibility of brands.

Lynn Corrigan, Marketing Manager – UK & Ireland at Senator, said: “Just because we have created an eco-range that is fully biodegradable, it does not mean we have to compromise on design. We have been masters in designing writing instruments for nearly a century, setting trends and making venturous choices which have shaped our image and formed our identity. Our experience has allowed us to create writing instruments that challenge and change the promotional products industry. Our design and manufacturing knowledge has allowed us to marry eco-sustainable materials with revolutionary design”.

The warm grey contemporary tones of the Challenger Eco and the striking primary colour matts of the Nature Plus allow brands to be represented in a unique and iconic design, taking centre stage amongst any competition. Senator’s eco lines are the pens of the future.