Does your client have a big Anniversary coming up?

What better way to encourage them to shout about their Businesses Birthday or important Milestone than a delicious branded cake from Eat My Logo?

As well as looking incredible they taste fantastic too as everything is baked fresh using a traditional recipe.

There are many different benefits to celebrating with a cake:

  • Morale Boost
  • An opportunity to share success
  • Social Media Exposure for your Company


It is so important to boost morale in the workplace and Eat My Logo’s cakes do just that!

Eat My Logo said that the recent recent from their customers has been brilliant!

Customer said, “the cakes generate great amounts of goodwill” and are “a brilliant way to share success to staff in and around the workplace!”

Not only that but these delicious cakes will help your client to create a vast range of social media coverage! Why not encourage your client to film a ‘Boomerang’ video for Instagram or even just some fun pictures of everybody enjoying the cake?

Possibilities are endless! Help your client be as creative as they can!

With cake sizes ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches, no matter how large or small your company is, everyone can enjoy a ‘slice’ of success and celebrate your achievements, hard work and dedication throughout the years!


NOW is the time to buy!

Check out Eat My Logo’s range of full-sized cakes below!