Iconic Brand Licensing Ltd have taken the concept of increasing brand awareness to a new level. Recreating the concept of a lightbox to allow businesses to highlight their brand or promotion in store, at the office and particularly at home where the lightbox is a particularly trendy furnishing.

In a busy world with brands competing to be seen and to create loyalty the Iconic Lightbox has the benefit of interchangeable screens printed in high definition, allowing several messages to be shown at different times. The low voltage back lit display will catch the eye of anyone in the vicinity ensuring a very low cost per view.

Whilst a retail package may involve many thousand lightboxes and multiple screens with each, Iconic Lightboxes are also available as a personalised item with printing and stock held in Plymouth, Devon. This has the additional benefit of ensuring that delivery can be a matter of days rather than weeks, depending on the quantity.

To increase the width of the audience that would like to have an Iconic Lightbox it is certified to pass the rigorous child appealing standard, so it is the perfect gift for any consumer.

Stephen Dabney of Iconic Lightbox Ltd comments, ‘it has been an exciting journey getting our new product approved and to meet the standards that we set as a business. With clients like Manchester City FC and Everton FC now carrying our product as well as many niche retail brands we now appreciate that we have a product that truly stands out from the plethora of advertising mediums and truly competes with the original branded t-shirt as a promotional item in terms of initial cost and opportunities to see’

For more information please visit www.iconiclightbox.com or call Stephen on 0203 633 1510