Branded Products Services Ltd has once again made a commitment to support Basketball in the UK. They have been supporting Oxford City Hoops Basketball for 5 years now and a further 3 year commitment has been made.

“We are delighted to support what Oxford City Hoops and Basketball England in their endeavours to help our children at Primary and Secondary schools. When we found out that out of 125 A-Level students regularly involved in basketball during 2013-15 in Oxfordshire, an amazing 91 have been offered places at University, 9 have been offered scholarships in the US and 3 are going to European Academies, we realised that we must continue to support this programme.” Nick Morley – Director

“It is fantastic that Branded Products has made this long term commitment to Basketball in England” said Junior Development Officer and NBA Player Priest Lauderdale. The 7’ 3” giant who has adopted England has been fund raising and promoting the sport for the last 2 years at primary and secondary school. Basketball is second most played sport at secondary school in the country and yet England struggle at international level.”Ozell Wells – FIBA & NBA Scout

Basketball has been proved to be the most beneficial sport for children at primary school as it forces both left and right brain activity, increases concentration and aids the balance physical development of all muscles in the body.

Priest Lauderdale, who played in the NBA with Atlanta Hawks, Denver Nuggets and Portland Trailblazers is determined to take basketball into primary schools. “Primary Schools in England do not have proper facilities to develop kids’ physically, so they endorse a sedentary habit without meaning to do so.  That must change or this new generation will end up struggling with their health as adults. A lot has been done as far as dietary requirements are concerned, but not enough about their physical development.” Priest Lauderdale – NBA Player

They are looking for help: partners, donations, sponsors to make their 5 to 11 year olds healthier, stronger and more physically active. Help them to achieve this: join Branded Products and their efforts.

For more information contact Priest directly