For Summer Promotions – Check the Temp! BBQ Cook Sensors.

B&H Colour Change’s brandable pack of BBQ Cook Sensors is ideal for Summer promotions.
Cook Sensors are perfect for promoting your product or service brand to everyone cooking in their kitchen, outside on summer BBQ’s, or in commercial catering and make excellent personalized gifts.

It’s a product that can be reused throughout the summer – And it’s ideal for safe cooking all year round including the Christmas Turkey!
As the temperature rises, these unique reusable cook sensors allow you to check that meat or fish is properly cooked – and to temperatures that kill harmful bacteria – in a safe and convenient way.

Simply insert the special sensor tip into the cooking food and a vivid colour change will show when the food is fully cooked and safe to eat.

• Reusable Cooking Temperature Probes
• Food Grade Polycarbonate
• Accurate and Easy to Use
• Large brandable area on pack: 85mm x 50mm
• Food is cooked to required temperature when the sensor dots turn from black to red
• Food Safe Materials
• Lightweight and flat for mailings
• Product Size: 760mm x 110mm
• Product Code: BH504

To order or discuss our brandable pack of Cook Sensors, call B&H Colour Change on 01244 817110 or email Our full product range can be seen on