The BPMA held its 1st introductory seminar for 2018 to its new learners as part of the education programme. The event was held at Russell Square in London on the 16th February. The focus of the seminar was the industry background, tips on what pitfalls to watch out for, common industry challenges and was followed by an overview of the online education platform itself.

The BPMA recognise that education is an important factor to many businesses, by having confidence in their staff, having the industry knowledge sets the company brand apart to be able to differentiate themselves from competition.

The day was attended by 11 new members that have recently started the online education programme working towards their TPM qualification. The feedback was all very positive, the general feel was that the seminar had given them inspiration and a new perspective of how to approach the industry.


What the delegates want to achieve through the education platform:

‘To progress in the promotional merchandise industry’ – Promobox

‘Better understanding of industry & enhance product knowledge’ – TC Group

‘Better understanding of industry and print methods’ – Premier Print & Office Supplies

‘Continuing in the industry’ – Impamark

‘To have a better understanding of distributors and their needs’ – Foremost Magnets


The second part of the day was the 1st New Member Seminar for 2018, this is a popular event for any new members to recognise what BPMA can offer each company and how many benefits their membership include.

The group were engaged with the helpful insights of how to identify and handle industry challenges, very useful advice on marketing approaches, offering marketing and sales tips on how to ensure you get the maximum for your business and how looking at different options can offer a real strength to your marketing plan.

The seminar was attended by 13 new members, with an even split of distributors and suppliers.


Here is what a few of the delegates had to say:

‘A very useful and informative seminar’ – Product Expectations Ltd


‘Great introduction to the industry with BPMA, lot of ideas on how to be a success in the future’ – TC Group


‘A great day, informative and would recommend it to others’ – Premier Print & Office Supplies


‘The BPMA member seminar was very informative even to someone working in the industry for 2 years.’ –  Foremost Magnets Ltd


‘Really enjoyable and friendly event. I feel like I have come away with a much better idea on the industry and how to help me in the future.’ – Promobox Ltd


The education new learning seminar and new member seminar are invaluable to anyone that has recently joined as a BPMA member or started the BPMA education platform.