Boosters and their ‘next stage’ investments in the business are now in place. Craig Harrison, Sales Manager of the Cornwall based business says: ‘We want to support the growth of Boosters traditional and specialist business channels by developing efficiencies within the business and provide enhancements, externally, to our clients. Having spent several months searching for a new software/CRM package, Boosters were delighted to find that Promotional Office met all of the requirements we had for our plans for 2020 and beyond. We are looking forward to utilising the tools that Promotional Office provides to offer our clients an even better service than we already do! Thank you to the Promotional Office team at Sourcing City for making the process and transition as smooth as they did.’

Steve Carroll, Promotional Office Sales Manager, says: ‘It’s been a pleasure working with Boosters. Right from initial discussion through to the training days, it was apparent that Promotional Office would be a great fit for their business, and we’re proud to be able to support Blair and his team in delivering their development plans. However, I am going to suggest that our next trip down to Redruth will be more strategically scheduled during the summer months!’