Our vision at Bagco Asia is to build our business using safe, sustainable and cost-effective production processes to offer customers trendy and cutting-edge promotional products. From day one, we made a commitment to protect the environment and people by working with our vendors very closely. This is critical not just for giving our customers the best quality and value, but it is imperative when launching a new product line.

Last year, we turned our attention to a new material in our catalogue: jute. Known as “the golden fibre” due to its versatile nature, we are excited to launch our latest line of bags made with this material. Here’s why we are big fans of jute, and why you should be, too.

• Jute is eco-friendly
As a natural vegetable fibre, jute cleans the air by consuming large quantities of greenhouse causing CO2. It is 100% compostable, recyclable and bio-degradable. Jute bags can also be disposed of without causing environment hazards.

• Jute is tough
Due to its sheer strength, jute is an ideal choice for producing products that need to stand up to heavy wear and tear. In fabric form, it is non-transparent and available in a range of fetching colours, and can be enhanced with your logo and designs like any other material.

• Jute is easily available*.
*Big disclaimer here: with the right sourcing partners, high quality jute is easily available, ready to be blended with other fabrics. It can accept different dye classes, and thanks to this, the growing market demand can be met more readily than other materials.

The design of our new line of jute bags follows a simple rule: less is more. We want jute bags to maintain the natural style of the material while allowing for customisation. Take a look at our full range of jute bags to see our latest addition to the Bagco Asia catalog.