The humble cocktail stick or food flag has long been used to decorate cakes and sandwiches for parties and with national flags. But since the rise in popularity of the gourmet burger, pubs and restaurants have needed a longer skewer to hold the burger, salad, cheese, tomato and bun combo together.

B-Loony manufacture food flags to give users not only a great branding and advertising opportunity, but also to provide consumers with essential ingredient and allergy information. Furthermore, B-Loony realised that as these flag sticks were in contact with food (and particularly meat and fish), they had to be produced in a food safe and hygienic environment.

With tens of thousands of pounds invested in the project, B-Loony believe they are the only operation in the UK (and possibly the world) which meets the FSC22000 food hygiene regulations for producing food flags, and where the flags are actually made by robots in a food-safe clean room!