Sourcing City Marketplace has opened the appointment diaries for all invited distributors and attending suppliers.

Both Days at SCM feature appointments, together with set ‘Runaround Sessions’. Both days are focused on appointments with Distributor VIP’s and Guests scheduled meetings lasting twenty minutes. Only professional distributor companies with a turnover in excess of £250k are invited to SC Marketplace.

As all appointments and conversations at Sourcing City Marketplace are to be based on the Host’s; ‘Top Ten’, (together with the latest & hot products), this means that each conversation has a clear agenda, and it provides the opportunity to focus straight in on important information, cutting ‘chit chat’ to a minimum.

One issue at standard events is that many conversations end up as ‘chit chat’, however at Sourcing City Marketplace all guests & hosts know that the agenda for conversations are focused on the ‘Top Ten’. This means hosts can come straight to the point, and get their key points across in a structured manner.

This concept has been designed to enable the host suppliers to explain all of the ‘added value services’ they can offer to a major distributors business, and to ensure that all conversations are focused & effective.

Sourcing City Marketplace is an exclusive VIP Networking Event for the senior players from the industry’s top distributors, and is an established and universally acclaimed industry VIP Networking Event. The two day trade event is appointment based and exclusively for individually invited promotional merchandise industry VIP’s.

Every supplier has services & processes that can help a distributor be more efficient & profitable, …but the distributors do not always know. This is the place to meet both new potential suppliers, and your existing suppliers by appointment. VIP’s make appointments for supplier meetings prior to SC Marketplace, and suppliers can also contact top distributors to make key appointments prior to SC Marketplace.

To ensure that all invited VIP’s can have quality conversations with the suppliers’ full attention, it is necessary to limit who is invited to SC Marketplace. VIP’s are invited from distributor companies which have a turnover of promotional merchandise sales of between £10m+ and £250k pa.

To make appointments for SCM15 please visit: