A flurry of activity is now underway as distributors and suppliers have started making appointments for Sourcing City Marketplace on Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd September 2016 at FIVE Show Centre, Farnborough.

Over 500 appointments have already been made, and there is still over 5 weeks to go before SCM16.

Please register now to start making your appointments, and to make sure you see who you want at a time convenient to you.  To register &/or book appointments for SCM16 please click here.

About SC Marketplace

Sourcing City Marketplace is an established and universally acclaimed industry VIP Networking Event. The two day trade event is exclusively for invited VIP’s from professional promotional merchandise distributor companies with over £250k turnover. The attendees have combined sales in excess of £300 million. To enable effective meetings and maximum discovery, the days are ‘Appointment based’ together with pre-set ‘Runaround Sessions’ where over 2,000 focused conversations take place.

Traditional exhibitions tend to focus purely on product, and some would consider that conversations have become repetitive for experienced exhibitors & visitors alike. Suppliers have an important story to be told, so, as well as presenting new products and top selling lines, they explain ‘all’ of the other reasons why distributors should do business with them. Every supplier has services & processes that can help a distributor be more efficient & profitable… but the distributors do not always know!

The environment is relaxed, and conversations are focussed on added value services, the development & review of individual trading partnership plans, late season new products and top selling lines.

All attending guests enjoy Free Breakfast, Free Lunch & Drinks, Free Roving Tea Trolley, Free Pick’n’Mix Sweets, Massage Angels, Free WiFi, Free Parking, Hotel Vouchers, Travel Vouchers & Free Transfers.

VIP’s from Over £1m Distributor companies are also invited to the ‘Networking Dinner’, where the evening provides further opportunities to meet & build relationships with suppliers and fellow VIP’s.

SC Marketplace is widely recognised as the best networking event in the industry, and there are many reasons why we have earned that reputation; not least through the focussed, meaningful and rewarding conversations that you will enjoy – Don’t miss your chance to meet and spend quality time in Appointments, or at the Runaround Sessions, where professionals in the industry set up trading deals, and discover the latest & hottest products.