An unusual question has appeared on an enquiry to a distributor from an end user customers.

The distributor has been asked if they work with any Social Enterprise Organisations.

An explanation of a Social Enterprise is: “It is no coincidence that social businesses, also known as social enterprises, have emerged and developed in the Networked Society. Unlike traditional businesses, these companies are driven by a social cause, putting social impact before profit to create a sustainable business model for the greater good. They are also re-thinking the way corporations work with the community. Social business bridge the gap between the altruism of non-profit organizations and the financial agendas of for-profit companies. Social entrepreneurs’ primary intent is to create “good” impact, and by using revenue streams to improve financial stability, this impact is increased.”

We are not aware of any Social Enterprise Organisations within the promotional merchandise industry, but if you know of any, please let Vicki know on 01252 701034 or