Allwag Promotions increased their head count by 4 members of staff in 2014, with the team now at 16. A new Management team structure has enabled them to recognise loyalty and dedication and make several truly deserved promotions.

Ciarra Holloway, now Contracts Manager and Ann Morton, now Accounts Manager, have both worked for Allwag Promotions for over 5 years and have seen tremendous change during this time. Their new roles not only give them additional responsibility within the business but also the opportunity to develop their own teams accordingly. Also Lauren Harris has been promoted into a Senior Customer Service role in order to support the increasing number of contracts Allwag Promotions have secured.

Only 1 month in and already 2015 has seen yet another new addition, Claire Rayner, to their Business Development team. Angela Wagstaff said “Claire adds a new dimension to this team as she has a solid media sales background working for 7 years at our County Newspaper and makes the best chocolate brownies ever!”