Alleged Scam Alert!

The BPMA urges the industry to be vigilant in performing due diligence in acquiring new customers and indeed suppliers.
Over the last week the BPMA has received alerts from members to warn other members of their experiences. We’ve had two separate members recently affected by the alleged scam, their accounts are as follows:
Scam Alert 1
“We were contacted from our website via email, goods were ordered and paid for in advance by direct payment in our account, via a Lloyd’s branch. The funds appeared on our bank feed as Deposit Point, for £1144.00 instead of £144.00. The extra £1,000 was explained by the “client” as an admin error and a refund requested.

Unfortunately the refund was made, without further checks by ourselves, and the Deposit Point payment turned out to be a cheque which has now bounced. The bank and local police have been informed. We have now searched on line and have now discovered this link warning of the scam…”
Scam Alert 2
“We had an enquiry come in to us on the 8th December requesting plain stock keyrings, I proceeded to quote and on the 11th December they said they would like to proceed. On Monday we were sent the following link: from our contact at SPS.

We have responded to the latest e-mail declining their order and sending them the link, so hopefully it will stop them in the tracks with us, but thought we would let you know so others can be made wary.
I’ve copied the e-mail snippets below, so hopefully this will help.”

The BPMA would like to remind members that as part of our commitment to championing best practice the BPMA have s partnership with Direct Route and account Assyst to help members to recover debts of up to £3,000 free of charge, incurring a 2% charge there and Account Assyst, a dynamic financial programme offering access to a unique database of the registered office of outstanding depts.



For more information please contact:
Tel: 01274 223 190
Account Assyst
Tel: 0845 680 1891