A new ordering system has been created for all of Bite Promotions customers. This new system will make the ordering process much easier and will improve the speed and efficiency of all orders you place with Bite. In addition to placing orders, all of our customers can now generate quotes, request samples and check the current order status all from one location.

On the ordering system homepage, there will be a step by step guide on how to order plus a video tutorial which will be available soon.

Each company will allocate their own password. For example, if Bite Promotions was a customer then each account manager within Bite Promotions would have a password. All account managers within that company only, will be able to see all orders placed from that one company. If an account manager is off sick then other account managers within that company will be able to see and check the order status using this new system.

We have a current database of staff members for all of our customers but if there is a new employee, please contact us directly at sales@michton.com with the full name and contact details and we will send an activation code to set up a new account on the ordering system.

If you would like to discuss this further then please call David Roberts on 01792 293689.