The notorious Alan Weston has pleaded guilty to two counts of fraudulent trading with regards to the companies of Promoprods Ltd and 8th Wonder Merchandise Ltd.

Between the years of 2011 to 2015 the court has heard that more than £80,000 has been defrauded out of companies via dirty tactics such as claiming his family were dying or that he had a brain cyst, in order to get sympathy when he was stealing their money.

His method was the all too common advance payments for goods and not honouring them, along with roping people in with the offer of free gifts that never even showed up.

The BPMA have made efforts with the Tradings Standards and had productive discussions with members in the BPMA LinkedIn group regarding Weston’s tirade. From this, 24 businesses have made complaints to the Council’s Trading Standards for them to look into.

Plenty of companies within our industry have had the displeasure of dealing with Mr Weston, one eventually even being made bust due to the financial problems caused. The mayor of Leicester has quoted that they are looking to recover the proceeds he made and a separate hearing is set to go next year regarding confiscating proceeds made from Weston’s fraudulent activities.

On 22nd November He was sentenced to 40 months and disqualified from being a director for 8 years.

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