Adult colouring is definitely one of the biggest trends this summer. Pop into any newsagents or book shop and everywhere you look, you’ll see magazines and books packed with intricate patterns and outlines for grown-ups to colour in.

Colouring in has always been a favourite pastime for children but it is actually a peaceful, soothing activity for people of any age as experts claim that the calming focus of the mind it involves is the perfect way to de-stress. It requires deep concentration and blocking out of other issues, and the repetitive activity combined with the innate creativity has convinced many people of its gentle, therapeutic benefits.

All you need in the way of equipment is a range of coloured pens or pencils. Perfect for precision work and vibrant colour is the triplus fineliner from STAEDTLER. In 36 brilliant colours, the fineliner has a superfine, metal clad tip with a line width of 0.3mm. Its triangular shape and textured surface means it is easy to grip and comfortable to hold even when doing lots of colouring.

Dedicated followers of the craze for colouring in will also appreciate the desktop box that many STAEDTLER products are packaged in. This durable case doubles as a convenient and easily accessible deskstand, perfect for changing pens quickly!

STAEDTLER’s desktop box of 4 triplus fineliners is now available as a unique business gift, with branding options on both pen barrels and the unique STAEDTLER desktop box. Choose your fill from the range of 36 brilliant colours for a truly unique gift.

If you prefer coloured pencils to work with, try the new Noris colour colouring pencil from STAEDTLER for intense colour and increased break resistance.

Why not have a go at this popular new way to relax and de-stress? But be warned, it’s strangely addictive!