Absolute Apparel Ltd have completed their 5th move in 11 years and have now settled into their new 150,000sq ft distribution centre in Wolverhampton. The industry’s need for correct, on-time, rapid delivery is now more important than ever. Their customers have supported them so much that they needed to increase inventory to service their increasing demand. The new warehouse will allow them to significantly increase their depth of stock and can hold in excess of 15 million t-shirts! This will give them a buffer for when manufacturer stock levels are depleted.

Absolute Apparel moved between Saturday 20th May and Monday 29th May. The original plan was to move the majority of our stocks whilst trading over 2 weeks, then to complete the move over the bank holiday weekend. It quickly became apparent that the sheer volume of goods to move meant that there would be a large potential for error. There have been so many horror stories in the industry where a warehouse move becomes a calamity, so they decided to bite the bullet and shut down for a week of trading to make sure the job was done properly. The official re-opening at their new address was on Tuesday 30th May as planned. Service resumed for their customers as usual and every single order was shipped on time without issue. The whole team did a great job and it really is a testament to their experience and efforts.

The new site is across 6 acres, giving the added benefit of extra space to work in and to expand their warehouse even further in the future. This is a huge bonus as they plan to increase their product range and this will give them the ability to grow alongside their customers. Most of their clients require goods to arrive the next morning and they rely on them to provide a practical service which is focused on their individual needs, with accurate, on time deliveries being a core standard rather than an afterthought – this new warehouse will allow them to grow while still offering their industry leading service levels for all their customers.