Sourcing City News is owned by Dynamic Image Ltd which was founded in November 2002. Today the company is the market leader in the provision of specialist online digital & mobile trade services, business management software and networking trade events to the promotional merchandise industry.

The founding team had over 100 years experience as major distributors in the promotional merchandise industry before moving to become a ‘Trade Hub’ providing services and connections to both distributors and suppliers within the industry. The team knows what corporate end user customers expect from promotional merchandise & this is reflected in all of the services that we deliver.

Sourcing City has become renowned for innovation, and were the first to launch an online trade sourcing service in Europe, launched the world’s first trade sourcing App and created the industry’s first appointment based national VIP networking event in Sourcing City Marketplace. The company were also founder members of the PromoAlliance alongside ASI & PSI, the leading trade organisations in the USA & Germany.

Based at The Hub in Farnborough, Sourcing City has many faces known throughout the trade, & prides itself on setting standards for customer service, integrity & innovation.