As we enter this very busy selling season, A T Cross is delighted to announce the appointment of Owen Keating as Global Director of Sales for Business Gifts.

As a part of our push to significantly develop the Business Gift channel, Owen Keating has returned to fill the new role of Global Business Gift Director of Sales for Cross and Sheaffer.

Owen brings years of experience with the Cross and Sheaffer brands, not only in the Business Gift division but also in managing our global distributor partners in the EMEA and APAC region.

As the new Global Business Gift Director, Owen will drive sales in the Business Gift channel around the globe. Reporting to Owen directly will be Andy Boss, Sales Manager for Business Gift in the US, and Sarah Cooper, Sales Manager for Business Gift in UK & Ireland.

In addition to supporting our Business Gift operations in the US and UKI markets, Owen will be a key resource for our other Business Gift markets across the globe including Spain, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Mexico.

Please join us in welcoming back Owen, who looks forward to meeting with you at the upcoming Merchandise World Show

For further information, call 01582 422793 or email