As increasing numbers of people are using tablets and smartphones to access the internet, businesses can extend their reach by using branded stylus pens to appeal to a tech-savvy market.
The System Pen range from The Pen Warehouse includes 15 lines which feature a capacitive stylus as well as photographic quality print 360° around the barrel.
Each model features a touch nib which acts a stylus when the refill is retracted. The stylus is compatible with both capacitive and resistive touch screen phones and tablets and helps to improve the accuracy of touch when using a small keypad or icons.
The System 070, System 071 and System 072 are stylish push button pens with a retractable nib.  The coloured clips and rubberised grips can be mixed and matched to create a perfect combination for any corporate logo or brand.
The innovative design of the System 061 has created a full colour wrap product with the appearance of a metal pen.  This allows distributors to offer an executive style gift at a far from premium price, as the System 61 starts at just £0.581 per unit for orders of 1000 pieces with a full colour wrap.
The System Ballpen range has a standard 5 day lead time and is now also available to order with no minimum order quantities from
A guaranteed trade only supplier, The Pen Warehouse offers Europe’s largest range of full colour wrap writing instruments among over 400 products.
For more information on the System Pen range from The Pen Warehouse call 01252 400270 or email