High Profile the leading UK manufacturer of plastic promotional products have launched their new Express Products Range. Since the start of 2015 over half of the products in their new catalogue can be ordered, moulded, printed and delivered in 5 days or less!

High Profile is in the perfect position to produce all of its UK manufactured plastic products especially now that it has launched its 5 day turn around service ensuring the pressure of short lead times is taken off the customer.

Over 50 of the most popular products fall under the “Express” 5 day banner, to see them all make sure you get a copy of the new 2015 High Profile Catalogue.

Richard Wood, Managing Director of High Profile commented: “Since launching our 2015 core products catalogue, we have increased the number of staff in the factory and also recently upgraded our sports bottle print machine, to allow much faster printing of multiple colour baseline bottle orders. At the heart of our new aqua colour catalogue, and taking centre stage throughout this year and beyond, will be the 5 day express turn around option on a large selection of fun, innovative, quirky and useful products crafted, designed, tooled and assembled in the UK. 52 products available, delivery in just 5 days!”

When you have those last minute seemingly impossible order deadlines to meet, think High Profile.