Thanks to investment in cutting-edge technology, The Pen Warehouse now offers 360° laser engraving on 118 of its products with a five-day standard lead time.

Traditionally, the laser engraving process has only been able to mark a restricted area on a cylindrical pen. It only has line-of-sight of one side of the barrel and can’t engrave around it. This means it is typically limited to an engraving height of between 6mm and 10mm.
But imagine if the machine could not only engrave along one side, but also around the circumference of the pen at the same time. The entire 360° of the barrel would then be available for branding.

That is exactly what recent technological advances are allowing The Pen Warehouse to do. The barrel is rotated in very small increments as it’s engraved, and improved communication between the stepper motor and the laser head allows a level of accuracy previously unheard of. Rigorous in-house testing has shown this process delivers the precision the industry requires.

360° laser engraving is available with a five-day standard lead time.

For more information, contact The Pen Warehouse on 01252 400270.