Senator Pens is celebrating yet another 25 year employee anniversary.

Whilst the pen manufacturer may be well known for its ‘open door’ policy, it certainly has a knack of closing it when it comes to staff retention…

Facilities, Resources & Warehouse Manager, Mick Appleby, joins the long list of people who have celebrated their 25th work anniversary with Senator Pens.

“Over the last 25 years Mick has shown enormous dedication in developing effective facilities, warehousing, and resource processes” said Managing Director Andrew Hill, who presented Mick with cards, a special gift from all the employees, plus a ‘thank you’ cheque from the company. “Not only does he have a great understanding of our customers’ requirements, Mick values the importance of Senator’s ethos of working safely, efficiently and effectively, whilst at the same time creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for his immediate team members as well as all those he has daily contact with”.

Thanking everyone for their good wishes and hearty rounds of applause, the ever-popular Mick said: “It has been a real pleasure working for such a caring company. I’m already looking forward to reaching my pearl anniversary”.