Promo Merchandise Fantasy Football League – Everything Enviromental

Everything Environmental runs a promo industry football fantasy league every year with award prizes for the manager of the month. February was won by Godfrey O’donnell at Keramikos.

This season 73 teams have entered. The top 10 current league positions are below:

  1. Impress ipswich Res
    Graham leach 1596
  2. Impress ipswich 1st 11
    Graham leach 1566
  3. Koeman The Barbarian
    Paul Chute 1556
  4. Harry Hotspurs
    Glyn Harry 1555
  5. SPS Unathletic
    JOSH CROOK 1524
  6. Sky Blue Army
    Michael Hearn 1523
  7. Lino’s Llucky XI
    David Lines 1522
  8. Ayew ready for love
    Paul Chute 1517
  9. Team Stephenson
    Josh Stephenson 1476
  10. FC Copenadrian
    Adrian Stephenson 1430

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